Below is a simple list of plugins for BiglyBT.

If clicking the Install button doesn't prompt you to launch BiglyBT, you can also drag the button to the BiglyBT desktop app to install it.

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3D View

3D View of the swarm.

Advanced Statistics

Displays advanced statistics per torrent.
**** Warning - this plugin can USE A LOT OF MEMORY ****
In particular, 30 hours worth of samples with 500 torrents will require IN EXCESS of 150MB of memory.

Swarm Discoveries

Swarm Discoveries and Search
See the Wiki for details.


AutoPilot manages seeding by allowing users to place individual ratio quotas on every torrent.
Complimented by an advanced default & tracker override system, users may feel at rest knowing they are contributing back to their community exactly the amount desired.

Auto Stopper

Community-friendly implementation of an upload limiter.
It will not permit upload cutoff at less than a 1.0 share ratio, but other than that it will disable uploads for a few ratios that are equal to or greater than that.

Category Destinations

Category based download folders.
Use categories to define which folders downloads are saved to.
To assign a directory to a category, open the Plugin's GUI tab by choosing Plugins -> AZCatDest from the top menu.

Download Deleter and Starter

Automatically deletes downloads based on share ratio.
Deletes downloads based on share ratio and can also start a new download each time such a deletion occurs

Embedded Media Player

Normally installed via auto-update.
This plugin contains an embedded player.

Command Runner

Run a configurable command on the completion of a download.
Allows a configurable and parameterised command to be run when a download completes.

Download Focus Plugin

Focuses download activity.
Provides the ability to concentrate on downloading a single torrent, (pausing all other active others), and then resuming all other downloads upon completion.

Highcharts Statistics

Demo for using Highcharts to show statistics

BiglyBT iTunes Integration

Normally installed automatically.
This plugin contains an iTunes integrator.

JavaScript Provider

Provides JavaScript features to BiglyBT for automation purposes.
See for more details.

Location Provider

Provides location features to BiglyBT (e.g. peer's country code).
Various parts of BiglyBT benefit from being able to display location details about a peer (for example, the swarm view will show county flags for peers when this plugin is installed).
This plugin provides these kind of services to BiglyBT.

Prior to version 0.3: This product includes GeoLite data created by MaxMind, available from

From version 0.3: This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from

Serbia, Montenegro and Tanzania flag icons obtained from

Message Sync Support

Provides a message synchronization service.
This is a core support plugin.

I2P Helper

Provides connectivity via the I2P network.
Supports downloading via the anonymous I2P network, see here for details.
This includes DHT support for decentralised tracking.

Supports anonymous chat when used in conjunction with the 'Message Sync' plugin

Tor Helper

Provides backup connectivity via the Tor network.
If connections to services (e.g. BiglyBT's version server) are failing, this plugin provides an alternative means of connectivity.


Tor Browser

Provides a Tor Browser for use within BiglyBT.
Designed to use the 'Tor Helper' plugin to provide the core Tor service.

See for more information and for stand-alone installs.

BiglytBT platform-specific support

Normally installed via auto-update.
This plugin contains platform-specific support for BiglyBT. For windows this includes file association support and BiglyBT.exe.
To manually install this plugin, unzip the files into the BiglyBT program location, ensuring that the OS-specific path within the ZIP file is removed.

Tracker Web Templates and IRC plugin

This contains the Tracker Web Templates and IRC Client plugins.


Lets users rate and comment on torrents.
This plugin supports a global ratings and comments system. Users can set their own rating and comment for a torrent and read other's submissions.
Details are stored within the DHT - there is no central repository of information. Consequently the information displayed is not in any way under the control of BiglyBT.

RSS/Subscription to Chat Publisher

Supports automatic publishing of RSS feeds and Subscriptions to Chat channels.
See the Wiki for more information.

Share Exporter

Normally shared resources have their torrents managed internally by BiglyBT. This plugin exports the torrent for each share with a sensible name into a configured directory.

BiglyBT Update Support

Normally installed via auto-update.
This plugin contains support for restarting BiglyBT when upgrading.

Media Server Plugin

The Media Server Plugin provides a simple UPnP Media Server interface.
This allows conformant media renderers to stream content present in BiglyBT.

uTP Support

Normally installed via auto-update.
This plugin contains support for uTP.

WebTorrent Support

Provides support for WebTorrent peers within BiglyBT.
See for more information.

Chromium SWT Browser Plugin

Replaces the default SWT browser with Chromium.
64-bit Windows only

Spongy Castle Library

This plugin contains the Spongy Castle library.
This plugin contains the Spongy Castle library

Global Information Status Entry

Global download information status bar indicator.
Adds some custom information to the status bar such as the total number of peers connected to you, the total remaining to download across all of your torrents or a subset of them (e.g. all who are stopped).

Share Ratio Maximizer

Maximize your share ratio.
Before installing please read the overview - if you don't understand how it works you will likely be confused.

Measurement Lab (M-Lab)

Internet measurement tools from M-Lab.
Measurement Lab (M-Lab) is an open platform for researchers to deploy Internet measurement tools. By enhancing Internet transparency, we aim to help sustain a healthy, innovative Internet - Learn more...

Mainline DHT

Mainline DHT.
This is an implementation of the alternative DHT developed by the Mainline client.

For help with IPv6 see the Wiki

RSS Feed Scanner

An RSS feed parser that allows unattended, automated download of torrents by means of advanced feed filter configurability.
The RSS Feed Scanner is an automatic RSS feed parser which is highly configurable and allows unnattended operation via its advanced filtering capabilities.
It supports multiple feed URLs, each of which can be individually or globally configured. The filter strings can be easily edited via the graphical configuration tool, and each filter can also support targeting of specific episodes within a series of the same titles (for example in downloading episodes of shows).
The download history of torrents is maintained so that the specific torrents are only downloaded once, even if you shutdown and restart.
This plugin also has full help included in the interface, so you can start using the plugin without any prior knowledge needed.


ScaneRSS is a plugin application that reads RSS feeds and allows for automatic torrent download from these feeds by use of filters (rule sets).
A filter rule can be made simply by using the auto suggest through the guiding features of the Pattern Assistant. This makes setting up the "Regular Expression" rules simple and available with no knowledge of RegEx needed. Multiple filters can be created and assigned to any number of feeds. A download history can also be used to ensure that you only get the episode and season of the program that you want!.

Speed Scheduler

Schedule your upload and download speeds based on time and day of week.
SpeedScheduler is a plugin for managing upload and download speeds on a schedule. Many ISPs (mine included) regulate how much their users can download/upload, but those regulations are typically on a schedule. In my case, there is no limit to the amount I can download between the hours of 12 midnight and 7am on weekdays, so I wanted things to work with that schedule, setting slow speeds during the day, and fast speeds during the night. SpeedScheduler does that for you.

Stopped Torrent Auto-starter

Auto start stopped torrents after 'x' minutes.
This plugin allows you to stop for a limited period of time any torrent so that you can, for example, fully use your bandwidth.
It's easy to use: You select the torrent(s) you want to stop and specify the number of minutes it should stay stopped. Group and single selection are supported. You can cancel at any time the timer thus restarting the torrent. You can also override any timer too.

VPN Helper for Perfect Privacy

This plugin monitors your network's state and ensures BiglyBT is properly connected to Perfect Privacy's VPN.
• Ensures BiglyBT is bound to Perfect Privacy's VPN interace.
• Ensures Port Forwarding, allowing incoming connections.
• Ensures various BiglyBT settings are correct (Binding, Enforced Binding, disabling of UPnP, NAT-PMP, etc)

This plugin does not help you with getting your VPN connected and running on your machine.

VPN Helper

For AirVPN, PIA, Mullvad VPNs. This plugin monitors your network's state and ensures BiglyBT is properly connected to your VPN.

Supported VPNs:
Private Internet Access

• Ensures BiglyBT is bound to the correct VPN interace.
• Ensures Port Forwarding, allowing incoming connections.
• Ensures various BiglyBT settings are correct (Binding, Enforced Binding, disabling of UPnP, NAT-PMP, etc)

This plugin does not help you with getting your VPN connected and running on your machine. Please see your VPN's site for VPN setup instructions

BiglyBT Transcoder

Normally installed automatically.
This plugin contains a media transcoder.

XML over HTTP remote control

This plugin lets you control BiglyBT using an XML over HTTP remote interface.

BiglyBT Web Remote

This plugin supports the BiglyBT Web Remote interface.
Configure via options->plugins-BiglyBT Web Remote.